Our Story 

Ten years ago, when the Colchagua Valley in Chilé was becoming famous for its high alcohol, rich and concentrated reds, Juan Alejandro Jofré was forging a new path with a very different style at Viña Maquis. During that decade with Maquis, he changed the viticultural techniques to align with his terroir hero, French consultant Xavier Choné, to be able to make lean wines with high acidity and low alcohol - sometimes picking a month before his neighbors. Jofré's wines bucked the trend back then and gained him critical acclaim as journalists and drinkers tired of overripe reds. While at first ridiculed by his neighbors, he soon became recognized as one of Chilé's most promising young winemakers. 

Wanting to push his style even more, Jofré left Maquis in 2013 to start working on his own projects. Jofré had his eyes on a region near and dear to his heart where his family has owned vineyards for many years - Curicó. In his words "I wanted to make these cool climate wines from Curicó because it is in the heart of Chilé, but a very mistreated region ... it has a bad reputation but I think it can be extraordinary for making wine..." Jofré is making two lines. His signature line, Vinos Fríos del Año; and his entry level line, Coronas del Sur. Jofré continues to pave the way, proving there is a much cooler side to Chilé. We continue to be impressed by the quality of wine Jofré is producing, along with his uncompromised dedication to his unique (delicious!) style.