Our Story

Long before the Spaniards arrived, the valleys and canyons of the Tukmanao, now Northwest Argentina, was the land of the indigenous Diaguitas people. The Diaguitas’ extremely sophisticated farming techniques were improved by the influence of the conquering Incas, and were later applied to the care of the vines brought by the Spaniards.

Almost 500 years later Tukma, located in the heart of Tukmanao, seeks to embrace the roots of the region with wines of unmistakable identity and unique characteristics.

Tukma’s high altitude vineyards are located 5,600 feet above sea level, where there are over 320 days annually of clear skies, and the soil is shallow and stony with little organic matter. Renowned winemaker, Jose Munier, applies his expertise of this unique terroir to deliver wines with intense aromatics and sophisticated expression – still using the techniques introduced by the Diaguitas.