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Our Story

Casa Monte Pio was founded in 1979 by Jose María Martinez; now his grandson Pablo Martinez carries the family tradition as the owner and winemaker. Pablo’s passion lies in the vineyard – he realized this after a brief career in accounting. Upon his return to the wine industry, he has dedicated himself to organic viticulture and craft wine production. His vineyards are located within walking distance to their family home, located in the heart of the Val do Salnés near the Rio Umia.

“We are conscious that the secret of a good wine is in the soil. To make the most out of our native varieties and to obtain the best grapes, each harvest we interpret the vineyards in a different way, considering each vine like an individual and living being. For these reason, we focus most of our effort working on the vineyard, because after all, what defines a wine is all the work behind a bottle.

For us, our wines are the result of the hallmarks of our history, where the ground and the grapes reach their uttermost expression.” – Pablo Martinez